Virtual Consultations



Our app has been created to help you choose the very best products to achieve your skin, hair, weight loss, or health goals! 

Completing a virtual, in-app consultation couldn’t be simpler and what’s more, it can be done from the comfort of your own home! Your very own professional consultation, whenever and wherever you need it! 

To download the URBAN RETREAT App, simply contact your Consultant and ask for their exclusive download link.

This will take you to your app store for your free download. 

At the top of UR App Home page, you will see the Virtual Consultation Categories available to you! Scroll across to select the consultation you need and click it.

If you’ve chosen the Skin Consultation, the app will now ask you to take a selfie! Don’t worry, we don’t store these photos! Our software will “scan” your face and recommend skin concerns you may want to target. 

Follow through question options to continue; the app will ask about your age, chosen concerns, diet and current beauty regimes to get an understanding of your current lifestyle and routines. 

At the end of the questionnaire, the app will recommend products that we think will benefit you! You can click on each product for more information or click “Buy Now” to purchase these products! 

Clicking “Buy Now” will redirect you to the checkout within your URBAN RETREAT Consultants website! Here you can edit your basket if you wish to remove products you don’t need or add more! 

You can also apply any Customer Credit you may have from your VIP Referrals! 

Continue through the checkout process; your VIP Customer account will already have your address saved, but you can edit if needed. 

Choose your preferred method of payment and checkout!


Remember to check your app for updates on new products and offers! 

If you wish to browse the website at any time, simply select ‘Shop’ at the bottom of the app home page and browse at your leisure!