Our Lab Direct System


Why do we compare our products with those at least 3x the price?

Let us explain a little more...

When you purchase from URBAN RETREAT, you're buying directly from our laboratories in what we like to call our "Unique Lab Direct System".

Many people often think that high quality always means a higher price. While this may sometimes be true, imagine if you could buy your favourite goods direct from the supplier. For example, imagine if you could buy your favourite designer clothes at trade prices before they arrive in high street stores where the usual markups are added. That would be amazing, right? 

We set out to achieve exactly that feeling for our customers. 

We manufacture our very own products in our very own Laboratories in France, these products are then shipped directly to the end consumer.  This cuts out so many of your conventional markups and allows us to produce premium spa-quality products without the conventional price point. A very simple, yet very direct process!

This is why we KNOW we are different! With our Unique Lab Direct System, consumers can buy DIRECT FROM OUR LABS.

This is why we believe that products of a similar quality to ours are often 3x the price.