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We're excited to have you sharing UR buzz! 

Here are some great links to help you start building your business!


Imagine a step by step training, that provides you with relevant info, in bite-size amounts, as and when you need it. Start and stop whenever you want. 

Our Bot will deliver training content that is suited to your preferences, straight from HQ, to your phone via Facebook Messenger.


The UR Community Facebook group is a fun place to share ideas, seek support, make friends, learn from others and join in on business-building activities with all levels of UR Consultants. 

Interactive training is also offered here in the form of regular 'Facebook Lives', Power Hours and more from some of our UR Leaders.


We pride ourselves in having one of the simplest compensation plans but we still understand it can be a lot to take in sometimes. Click the link below for a complete guide on how and when you get paid. 

We also recommend you go to 'My Details' and double-check that you have entered your bank details correctly so that we can pay you!


Your Upline/Sponsor: Initially your support is your upline, this is whoever helped you to sign up. They should be there to answer any questions you have and to help you get started.

If you need help from Head Office please make sure you give ALL relevant information including your fullname and your ID number in order for us to help you as quickly and easily as possible. Below are the relevant emails for HQ.

Order Queries: 

   [email protected]

Admin Help / General Queries:

   [email protected]

Money / Commission: 

   [email protected]