Our Skin-Sync Mineral Makeup range is designed to not only make your skin look good but where possible to actually do good to your skin too. It contains a wealth of botanical and good-for-skin ingredients in each product. Makeup so light, you'll forget you're wearing any at all!   
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Gluten Free

UR 3D Corrector Cream


Eliminates dullness. Minimises dark spots. Perfects skin tone. Reduces wrinkles. Improves skin elasticity. Gluten-Free...

UR Liquid Foundation


Acne-fighting. Promotes cellular healing. Vitamin-rich. Infused with botanical benefits. Lightweight & breathable...

Perfect Match Foundation Drops


Available in two shades. Customise your foundation. Match your skin tone daily...

UR Foundation Primer


Oil-absorbing formula. Matte finish. Prepares & smooths. Minimises imperfections, pores & shine. Prolongs foundation coverage...

UR Contour Palette


Contains vitamin E anti-ageing anti-oxidants. Kaolin absorbs excess oil. Micronized Zinc Oxide supports cell protection. Buildable & blendable powders. Contour, blush, highlight & illuminate...

UR Illuminating Palette


Vitamin E to help improve fine lines & wrinkles. Zinc aids skin healing. Jojoba naturally moisturises and smooths. Highlight, bronze and shimmer. Creamy, velvet finish powders...

UR Skyscraper Mascara


Nourishes lashes & follicles. High in Vitamins A, C & E. High in essential amino acids & proteins. Formulated to give lift, length & volume. Buildable, fibre effect...

Boom Town Eye Shadow Palette


Festival theme. 5 highly pigmented mattes. 4 metallic shimmers...

Funky Town Eye Shadow Palette


Disco Glam palette. Subtle nudes. Retro lilacs. Star-filled glitter...

Down Town Eye Shadow Palette


Day-to-night palette. Matte nudes, browns & berries. Metallic brights. 18 generous sized shadow pans...

Mid Town Eye Shadow Palette


Warm Pastel palette. Creamy mattes. Subtle shimmers. Eye-catching glitters...

Up Town Eye Shadow Palette


Day-to-night palette. 18 classic shades. Matte nudes. Deep browns. Metallics & glitter...

Liquid Eyeliner


Precision applicator. Water-resistant. Soft, satin finish...

Foaming Lip Scrub


Ultimate hydration. Enriched with botanical oils. Rich in Vitamins A & E. Nonabrasive exfoliant. Supple smooth lips...

Lip Gloss


Rich in antioxidants & vitamins A, C, D & E. Regenerative and soothing. Hydrating & nourishing...


Satin Matte Lipstick


Vitamin E to repair & moisturise. Rich in antioxidants. Regenerative and soothing. Long-lasting hydration. Gluten-Free...

Lip Pencil Set


Smooth, velvety formula. Definition that lasts. Sharp-edged finish...

Nude Lip Crayon Set


Smooth, velvety formula. Natural-looking definition. Easy to apply...

Lip Sync Lipstick Palette


The ultimate pro lip palette. Contains Vitamin E. Rejuvenating, nourishing & hydrating. Suitable for all complexions...

10% Saving

Eye Spy Kit


Includes: Skyscraper Mascara, Liquid Eyeliner, Down Town Eyeshadow Palette..


Pastel Perfect Set


Includes: 3D Corrector Cream - Choice of shade, Perfect Match Foundation Drops - Choice of shade, Mid Town Eyeshadow Palette, 50% SAVING..

10% Saving

Perfect Pout Kit


Includes: Foaming Lip Scrub, 6pc Nude Lip Crayon Set, Lip Sync Palette..


Summer Lovin Kit


Includes: Foundation Primer, Liquid Foundation, Illuminating Palette, Skyscraper Mascara, Boom Town Eye Shadow Palette, Lip Gloss..


UR 3D Glow


UR 3D Corrector Cream (choice of shade), UR Skyscraper Mascara, UR Funky Town Eye Palette, 25% SAVING..


Woke Up Like This


Includes: UR Foundation Primer, UR Liquid Foundation - Porcelaine, UR Liquid Foundation - Martinique, UR Perfect Match Foundation Drops - Warm Yellow Deep, UR Perfect Match Foundation Drops - Warm Pink Deep, UR Contour Palette, UR Illuminating Palette, UR Skyscraper Mascara, UR Sat..


Work To Weekend Set


Includes: 3D Corrector Cream - Choice of shade, Perfect Match Foundation Drops - Choice of shade, Down Town Eyeshadow Palette, Skyscraper Mascara, 50% SAVING..

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