The highest quality ingredients sourced from mother nature and proven by science has led to a unique collection of ground-breaking products that can help you feel better and live better.   
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Natural nootropic cordial. Powered by 12 natural plants. Boosts focus & motivation. Optimises cognitive performance. Memory support. Mental alertness...

Clinically Proven Results

BODY Hydra-Slim Plus


Clinically proven. Weight loss & BMI reduction. Slims waist, thighs & hips. Gluten-Free. Vegan-friendly plant-based formula. 15 Power ingredients. Vitamin & mineral-rich. Gluten-Free...



Natural nootropic cordial. Powered by 12 botanical extracts. Mood support. Natural PMS balance & support. Get up & go. LIFE Vitality...



Supports gut health & digestion. Alkalising superfood shot. Rich in digestive enzymes, prebiotics & probiotics. Contributes to a strong immune system. Supports brain health, improved mood, healthy sleep...

Skin Tonic Collagen+


Boosts collagen & hyaluronic levels. Vitamin and mineral-rich. Promotes better-looking skin. Helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles...

Cheat Capsules


Formulated to reduce gastric absorption of fat. Binds to fat during digestion. Stimulates fat-burning...

KetoCap Capsules


Help achieve ketosis. Accelerated fat burning. Energy levels are stabilised...

Introductory Offer includes a Scoop

Pure Superfood Blend


Nutritionally rich superfood. Boosts Immune System. Packed full of antioxidants. Energy-boosting. Contains essential OMEGA 3s & Amino Acids. Pure bioactive ingredients. No Preservatives, No Artificial Colouring or Flavouring. Pesticide-free & screened for heavy metals. Aids performance & post-workou..

Scoop of LiFE


Add a Scoop of LiFE… Designed to give the perfect measure for our Pure Superfood Blend, our engraved rose gold scoop adds a touch of glamour to your daily supplement routine! Gives a 15g measure...



Multivitamin gummies. Immunity supporting. Essential vitamins & minerals. Berry-flavoured chews. Appropriate levels for children...



Formulated to BALANCE fluctuating hormone levels. Contains natural ingredients. For symptoms associated with hormonal imbalance in women, men & teens...



Enables a restful night's sleep. Natural remedy. Promotes natural GABA levels. Melatonin boosting...

Bundle Deal

Detox Sip & Slim - Bundle


Includes: Hydra-Slim Plus. KetoCap Capsules. Re-Set. 20% Saving!..

Sip & Slim - Bundle


Back by popular demand! Our Sip & Slim Bundle contains our best selling, clinically proven diet supplement, hand in hand with our metabolism-boosting, accelerated fat burning capsules...


Detox Plus


Includes: Hydra-Slim Plus. Re-Set. 25% Saving!..

Special Offer



Includes: SOUL. Pure Superfood Blend. Rose Gold Scoop of LiFE. 10% Saving!..

Special Offer

Super MIND


Includes: MIND. Pure Superfood Blend. Rose Gold Scoop of LiFE. 10% Saving!..


Winter Wellness


Includes: Pure Superfood Blend. Multivitamin Gummies. 25% Saving...

Great Saving

Soul Sleep


Includes: Night LIFE Capsules. LIFE Soul. 25% Saving...


Rest Restore & Rebalance


Includes: UR Night Life, UR Restoring Bath Oil (Lavender), UR Balance Capsules, 40% SAVING LIMITED TIME OFFER..

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