UR Folli-Grow

Release your inner Rapunzel…

…and discover fuller, longer and healthier hair! 


  • Follivate.
  • Follicle Food.
  • 10% Saving.


Release your inner Rapunzel…

…and discover fuller, longer and healthier hair! 

Thin, weak and slow-growing hair is often the result of the hair follicle lacking nutrients. This can be due to genetics, diet and even lifestyle.

Formulated by our innovative and experienced scientists, our Folli-Grow duo delivers highly concentrated, easily absorbed nutrients to the hair follicles from the inside AND out! 

Key Benefits:

HAIR GROWTH: Stimulates follicles and delivers proven hair growth boosting actives.

INCREASES HAIR DENSITY: Follivate boasts the first generation of plant extracts and peptides proven to increase hair density in 3 months. 

HAIR LOSS FIGHTING: Inhibiting DHT, extending the hair cycle and prolonging the Anagen Phase. 



Taken as a daily liquid supplement, Follicle Food boosts the level of hair nutrients in the blood, boosts blood circulation and stimulates the follicles to promote and prolong the anagen phase (also known as the GROWTH phase) of the hair cycle, whilst inhibiting DHT, allowing your follicles to regain access to the nutrients provided in this botanical liquid! 

Take one 15ml serving daily with a glass of water.


Follivate Lotion is a scalp treatment with clinically proven ingredients to help fight hair loss, promote quicker, boosted hair growth, strengthen your hair and also make it grow denser. It’s a combination of plant active ingredients and peptides that work on multiple mechanisms to prevent hair loss, strengthen and boost hair growth.

Use daily, massage into scalp and follicles. 

See individual product pages for further details and ingredient lists.
Includes: Follivate. Follicle Food. 10% Saving.

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