Award Winning


All of our creams, liquids, colour cosmetics and supplements are made in our own Laboratories in France.

What are the standards for manufacturing in France?
Cosmetic Products Regulation EC 1223/2009 is compulsory for products offered for sale within the EU. European cosmetics regulations are the most rigorous in the world.

Our laboratories showcase an extraordinary combination of scientific ingenuity and rigorous safety standards, blended with a certain, French “je ne sais quoi”. Take our incredible award-winning creations, a step beyond your everyday cosmetics and a step closer to what you deserve.

Here are a few of our best-selling and award-winning products: Micellar LotionSoothing Cleansing MilkVesuvio Mineral Face MaskIsoflavone ShampooMane TameSkyscraper MascaraUp Town Eyeshadow Palette.


We conduct over 100,000 safety tests every year, which gives you an idea of our dedication to safety. Our commitment to customer well-being doesn't end there – all of our products are tested for over 350 pesticides and residues. Our standards aren't required, but we believe they're deserved.

Still, don’t just take our word for it, the results from our clinical trials are a true testament to the capability of our labs and everyone working within them. Find out more here!


As a result of our unique laboratory direct system, we offer our customers unbeatable value for quality, allowing them to purchase directly from our laboratories without third-party markups. 

Manufacturing for various other companies and spas throughout Europe, we have seen first-hand the markups in a ‘normal’ chain between manufacturer and consumer. Because of this, we believe that you could expect to pay 3x more for similar quality products.

Discover more about our unique lab direct system here!