As you may know our central distribution centre was totally destroyed by fire on the 13th March 2023. Since that date, we have been in full recovery mode.

We are pleased to announce that our relaunch plans are well under way. If you know us well, you know that we are always seeking ways to improve and innovate. In and effort to use this massive setback to make us stronger and even better than ever, we have a few exciting things to share.

  1. We are moving our business operations to operate entirely to France. This move will allow us to offer more efficient service, whilst reducing our Carbon Footprint significantly by eliminating one step of our previous delivery process.
  2. This down time has given us the opportunity to evaluate our product ranges and we are very excited to say we will be adding various new items to our product line when we relaunch.
  3. Our teams are working intently and our goal is to relaunch in early September 2023.

Thank you for being a loyal UR Customer! We will be back and better than ever very soon. Please check back for updates regarding our progress.



We all know that we should have an anti-ageing regime for our faces, but what about the rest of our skin? Our scientists & development team here at URBAN RETREAT have applied their years of invaluable expertise in creating professional spa treatments to develop a line of effect but simple to use at-home products.
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UR Sculpting Wrap


Top-quality, re-usable. CE approved elastic bandage. Uniform pressure...

Clinically Proven Results

BODY Hydra-Slim Plus


Clinically proven. Weight loss & BMI reduction. Slims waist, thighs & hips. Gluten-Free. Vegan-friendly plant-based formula. 15 Power ingredients. Vitamin & mineral-rich. Gluten-Free...

Shea Hand Cream


Shea Hand Cream , A luxurious and sumptuous hand cream for every day luxury...

Clinically Proven

UR Lipo Sculpting Fluid


Clinically Proven home use lotion. Inch loss & reduction of localised fat. Improves skin elasticity. Micro-encapsulated actives. Gluten-Free...

UR Collagen & Kelp Body Fondant


Contains Marine Collagen & Seaweed. Features Acti-Complexe. Thalasso therapy-like benefits. Conditioning, soothing & softening. Long-lasting hydration...

Gluten Free

UR Gentle Exfoliating Scrub


Face & Body Scrub. Sea Salt & Botanical Extracts. Promotes skin cell turnover. Removes dead cells. Smoothes & softens skin. Clears congestion & impurities. Gluten-Free...

Gluten Free

UR Marine Collagen Body Lotion


Collagen rich. Hydrates & moisturises. Firms & nourishes. Conditions, soothes & softens. Antioxidants defend skin surface. Gluten-Free...

Cheat Capsules


Formulated to reduce gastric absorption of fat. Binds to fat during digestion. Stimulates fat-burning...

KetoCap Capsules


Help achieve ketosis. Accelerated fat burning. Energy levels are stabilised...

Pure Superfood Blend


Nutritionally rich superfood. Boosts Immune System. Packed full of antioxidants. Energy-boosting. Contains essential OMEGA 3s & Amino Acids. Pure bioactive ingredients. No Preservatives, No Artificial Colouring or Flavouring. Pesticide-free & screened for heavy metals. Aids performance & post-workou..

Hydrating Bath Oil


Infused with Rose Flower Oil. Enriched with Vitamin E. Hydrating & moisturising. Relaxing, restoring & rejuvenating...

Rejuvenating Bath Oil


Beauty Bible Award Winner 2023. Infused with Orange Oil. Enriched with Vitamin E. Hydrating & moisturising. Relaxing, restoring & rejuvenating...

Restoring Bath Oil


Infused with Lavender. Enriched with Vitamin E. Hydrating & moisturising. Relaxing, restoring & rejuvenating...

Soothing Bath Oil


Infused with Bergamot. Enriched with Vitamin E. Hydrating & moisturising. Relaxing, restoring & rejuvenating...

Gluten Free + Vegan

UR Diamond Lustre Tooth Cream


Helps fight bacteria Maintains a healthy mouth Freshens breath Restores natural whiteness..

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UR Pit Stick


Aluminium Chlorohydrate FREE. Paraben FREE. Gentle on the skin. Unisex scent. Gluten-Free...

Out of stock.

UR Lipo Sculpting Wrap Kit


Includes: 1 x Lipo Sculpting Fluid. 2 x Wrap Bandages. Approximately 6-8 applications...

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