Our revolutionary LIFE range sets a new standard in wellness products and distils the essence of a healthy, happy and productive life into practical, everyday solutions.     
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Body Duo


Includes: 2 x BODY Hydra-Slim Plus...

5% Saving

Burn Bundle


Includes: BODY Hydra-Slim Plus, Z-ETOCAP. 5% Saving...

Out of stock. Will be available on 2024-07-22


Detox UR Diet


Includes: BODY Hydra-Slim Plus, RE-SET. 10% Saving...

Clinically Proven Results

BODY Hydra-Slim Plus


Clinically proven. Weight loss & BMI reduction. Slims waist, thighs & hips. 15 Power ingredients. Vitamin & mineral-rich. Vegan-friendly plant-based formula. Gluten-Free...

Gluten Free



Contains Chitosan and CLA Powder for effective fat reduction. Binds to fat consumed, reducing gastric absorption. Safe and effective, targeting only fat in the digestive system. Convenient and easy to incorporate into daily routine. Gluten-free...

gluten free



Carefully selected ingredients for maximum effectiveness. Supports overall well-being, and fat metabolism. Promotes weight loss. Gluten-free...

Out of stock. Will be available on 2024-07-22


Life Sample Folder


This sample folder includes 1 x MIND Sample, 1 x BODY Hydra-Slim Plus Sample, and 1 x SOUL Sample...

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