Our Labs



Our very own French laboratories showcase an extraordinary combination of scientific ingenuity and rigorous safety standards, blended with a certain, French “je ne sais quoi”. Taking our incredible creations, a step beyond your everyday cosmetics and a step closer to what you deserve.

Still, don’t just take our word for it, the results from our clinical trials are a true testament to the capability of our labs and everyone working within them.

To give you an idea of our dedication to safety, every year our dedicated lab team conducts over 100,000 tests! That’s right and their commitment to customer wellbeing doesn’t end there – they also check for over 350 pesticides and residues in all of our products. Those standards aren’t required, we believe they are what is deserved.


Known for our quality and quantity of botanical bioactives, we only source the best for purpose ingredients. Proof of this is showcased in, not just our results but, our clinically proven results carried out by independent doctors.


Our unique laboratory direct system gives us unrivalled value for quality, with our customers being able to buy directly from our laboratories and omitting third party markups. Manufacturing for various other companies and spas throughout Europe, we have seen first hand the markups that have to be created in a ‘normal’ chain between manufacturer and consumer. Because of this, we believe that you could expect to pay 3x more for products of similar quality to ours. 


We’re committed to protecting our planet for the generations to come whilst simultaneously providing healthy and effective beauty and wellbeing products. We use science to get the best from nature without harming nature or our customers in the process. To name just a few of our eco actions: our laboratories are run by solars panels, we have recycling contracts for everything that enters and leaves our facilities, all of our packaging is 100% recyclable or compostable, we have a product eco re-fill system and we are certified cruelty free.


Below is a list of the key ingredients used in our products and the benefits they offer.