We all know that we should have an anti-ageing regime for our faces, but what about the rest of our skin? Our scientists & development team here at URBAN RETREAT have applied their years of invaluable expertise in creating professional spa treatments to develop a line of effect but simple to use at-home products.
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Gluten Free + Vegan

Back to Basics Body Scrub


Sea Salt & Botanical Extracts. Promotes skin cell turnover. Removes dead cells. Smoothes & softens skin. Clears congestion & impurities...

Gluten Free

Marine Collagen Body Lotion


Collagen rich. Hydrates & moisturises. Firms & nourishes. Conditions, soothes & softens. Antioxidants defend skin surface...

Gluten Free + Vegan

Shea Hand Cream


Contains Hyaluronic Acid & Shea Butter. Softer, smoother & younger-looking skin. Strengthens nails. Suitable for all skin types...

Bath Oil


Enriched with Vitamin E. Hydrating & moisturising. Relaxing, restoring & rejuvenating...

Out of stock.

Collagen & Kelp Body Fondant


Contains Marine Collagen & Seaweed. Features Acti-Complexe. Thalasso therapy-like benefits. Conditioning, soothing & softening. Long-lasting hydration...

Cheat Capsules


Formulated to reduce gastric absorption of fat. Binds to fat during digestion. Stimulates fat-burning...

Gluten Free + Vegan

Hydra-Slim Plus


Clinically proven. Weight loss & BMI reduction. Slims waist, thighs & hips. Gluten-Free. Vegan-friendly plant-based formula. 15 Power ingredients. Vitamin & mineral-rich...

KetoCap Capsules


Help achieve ketosis. Accelerated fat burning. Energy levels are stabilised...

Sculpting Wrap Plus each


Top-quality, re-usable. CE approved elastic bandage. Uniform pressure...

Gluten Free

Lipo Sculpting Fluid


Clinically Proven home use lotion. Inch loss & reduction of localised fat. Improves skin elasticity. Micro-encapsulated actives...

Limited Availability

Lipo Sculpting Wrap Kit


Includes: 1 x Lipo Sculpting Fluid. 2 x Wrap Bandages. Approximately 6-8 applications...

Gluten Free

Pit Stick Anti Perspirant Deodorant


Aluminium Chlorohydrate FREE. Paraben FREE. Gentle on the skin. Unisex scent...

10% Saving

Summer Shred & Tone


Achieve Weight Loss, Inch-Loss & Lower your BMI; With our set of easy-to-use products that have been Clinically Proven by Independent Doctors...

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