Be kind to your tresses by protecting and conditioning whilst adding good-for-hair ingredients. All of our treatment and styling products will help to unify results from our Capill-Hair range.
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10% Saving

UR Folli-Grow


Includes: Follivate. Follicle Food. 10% Saving...

Gluten Free + Vegan

UR Leave It Conditioning Styling Lotion


Leave-in conditioning styling lotion. Controls frizz. Smoothes & detangles. Soft hold & glossy shine. Mineral enriched. Gluten-Free & Vegan...

Gluten Free + Vegan

UR Mane Tame


Smoothing spray. Humidity resistant. Tames & protects. Weightless formula...


UR Follicle Food


Boosts the level of hair nutrients in the blood. Fuller, healthier & quicker hair growth. Prolongs growth phase of the hair cycle. Inhibits DHT. Vegan...

UR Capill-Hair Sublime Oil


Nourishing shine treatment. Hydrates hair and locks in moisture. Restores dry, damaged hair. Leaves hair soft and healthy...

UR Capill-Hair Anti-Dandruff Lotion


Fights stubborn flakes. Clears skin cell build-up. Calms & soothes dryness & irritation. Anti-Oxidant fuelled. Anti-Inflammatory plant extracts. Restorative & hydrating...

UR FolliVate


Clinically proven ingredients. Boosts hair growth. Prolongs hair life cycle. Boosts hair density & quality. Fights hair loss...

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