Compostable Packaging


Our product packaging and postal boxes are made from recycled kraft paper. Recycled kraft paper is made from recycled materials. Cardboard boxes, books and other materials are broken down into pulp and turned back into recyclable brown paper. 

As it retains its natural colour and texture, it doesn’t need the extra step of being bleached. This saves money as the material has to be handled less and keeps chemicals out of the environment. We also use vegetable ink for print.  

If you take coated unbleached brown paper, or corrugated cardboard and throw it into your garden, it’ll start to naturally compost. Within a short time, it will have disappeared back into the ground, and there will be no trace of your brown packing paper left. This process doesn’t release any bad chemicals into the soil, either. 

Composting consists of using the organic part of our waste to make it a natural amendment. Followed with care, we can today make standard compost (NFU 44-051 and NFU 44-095 standards) from plants, fermentable waste and even our household waste.