As you may know our central distribution centre was totally destroyed by fire on the 13th March 2023. Since that date, we have been in full recovery mode.

We are pleased to announce that our relaunch plans are well under way. If you know us well, you know that we are always seeking ways to improve and innovate. In and effort to use this massive setback to make us stronger and even better than ever, we have a few exciting things to share.

  1. We are moving our business operations to operate entirely to France. This move will allow us to offer more efficient service, whilst reducing our Carbon Footprint significantly by eliminating one step of our previous delivery process.
  2. This down time has given us the opportunity to evaluate our product ranges and we are very excited to say we will be adding various new items to our product line when we relaunch.
  3. Our teams are working intently and our goal is to relaunch in early September 2023.

Thank you for being a loyal UR Customer! We will be back and better than ever very soon. Please check back for updates regarding our progress.


  • Natural nootropic cordial.
  • Powered by 12 botanical extracts.
  • Mood support.
  • Natural PMS balance & support.
  • Get up & go.
  • LIFE Vitality.



Hey you ... SMILE! Happiness looks good on you!

Feed your SOUL full of sunshine!

Our mood sets the conditions for the whole day every day and has a great influence on our performance and overall well-being.

SOUL is a 100% natural mood supporting cordial. Powered by 12 natural plants, SOUL aims to swiftly help encourage a positive mood, support & balance PMS symptoms, whilst also brightening your overall vitality!

Mood Support

Everyone gets the blues or feels anxious sometimes. These are very reasonable reactions to the ups and downs of our lives. However, if you are living with mood imbalances as your near-constant companion, you’ll want to take action. These imbalances can interfere with your daily routine, relationships, and energy levels. They can take a heavy toll on your sleep, appetite, and even your immune system.

Natural PMS Support & Balance

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) can cause wild, emotional mood swings for some women. In one day we can go from an angry outburst to a crying spell, followed by an anxiety attack. Fortunately, treating PMS with natural plants can help women control mood changes and other emotional difficulties.


Fatigue is a feeling of weariness, tiredness, or lack of energy that does not go away when you rest. Recharge your body’s batteries with powerhouse plants that boost your energy and get your body into high gear.

Immune System

The main purpose of your immune system is to protect your body from viruses and bacteria. Without it, they’d have free reign and you’d be constantly falling ill. Your immune system works by recognising the difference between your body’s cells and alien cells, allowing it to destroy any that could be potentially harmful.

LIFE Vitality

Even a complete diet may not be giving you the nutrients you need when you need them. Support your diet, feel your best and SPRING into your best LIFE! 



natural adaptogen increases resistance to stress-related burnout, exhaustion and anxiety.


extremely rich in vitamin C, it is also used as an antioxidant nutrient and may be taken to help boost energy and immunity.


reduces tiredness, fights depression, improves PMS symptoms, can help lower blood pressure.


traditionally used to improve mood and cognitive function, can also help relieve stress, reduce anxiety, ease insomnia and other sleep disorders.


helps relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety. possibly aids menopausal symptoms of insomnia and irritation.


can reduce blood pressure, improve blood cerebral flow, reduce oxidative damage, supports your brain as it ages.


Take one 15ml shot daily. Follow with a sugar-free drink if required.

Keep refrigerated & use within 1 month of opening.

• Keep out of reach of children.

• Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

• Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

• Consult your doctor before combining with prescription medicine.

• Keep product away from heat and light. Refrigerate after opening.

"A negative state of mind, depression and anxiety are real problems that our nation is facing."

"When you feel the imbalance that mental health can have on your entire body, you will know that a helping hand can be comforting.

That is what we have created here; it’s not a cure, it’s not a miracle drink… it’s a helping hand to your happier LIFE!

Suzanne Meighan







Total Fat



Saturated Fat



Trans Fat









Total Carbohydrate



Total Sugars



Added Sugars






* Reference Intake tells you how much a nutrient in a single serving contributes to a daily diet.

INGREDIENTS (Per day –15 ml) mg

Acerola extract 200,  Hibiscus extract 200,  Natural Marine Magnesium 200,  Lemon Balm extract 150,  Green Tea extract 50,  Grape seed extract 50,  Passiflora extract 40,  Patented Saffron Stigmas extract 30,  Ginseng extract 20,  Rhodiola extract 10,  Turmeric extract 10,  Ginger extract 1.

Other ingredients: Water, stabiliser: glycerin, agave syrup, flavouring: concentrated plum juice and natural flavouring, texturing agent: acacia and xanthan gum, acid: citric acid. 

Natural nootropic cordial. Powered by 12 botanical extracts. Mood support. Natural PMS balance & support. Get up & go. LIFE Vitality.

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